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Pet Paw Pillow

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Does your dog dream of a soft pillow of her own? Of course she does! Make an extra special personalized pet gift with a pillow made with her paw print and customized just for her. Spoiled much?! That's what dog moms and dog dads are supposed to do. This cute paw print pillow is one great idea for incorporating your dog in your home or setting up a special dog space of her own.

Using just a photograph, your pet's nose and paw print will be transferred to a digital format by hand to capture as many details as possible.  Choose from a wide selection of colors to customize the design and look of your personalized pet gift.
Whatever kind of pet is part of your family, you can preserve their adorable paw print. 

How does this work?

1. Choose between the print shown in the sample photo or your own pet’s actual print.  Then personalize your order and purchase.

2. If you choose to use your own pet’s print you will submit a photo of your pet’s paw/nose when your place your order or you can send it in afterward to

3. Review digital proof and request changes or approve for production.

4. Your keepsake will be shipped and your order will be updated with tracking information.

5. Leave a review to let others know how you liked your one-of-a-kind artwork.

What if my pet has passed away and I can’t take a photo of the paw/nose?

Sadly, our furry family members aren’t able to stay with us forever.  If you have a clay imprint of your pet’s paw you can take a photo of the imprint.  Be sure that you take the photo in a well-lit area.

You can submit a photo of your pet from the past, where you can clearly see the nose.  If you are not sure if it will work, please send it to and the artist will review it and get back to you.

Do I need to use ink to take my pet’s print?

No, Flutterbye Prints recommends that you take a photo of your pet’s paw/nose rather than try to capture the print on paper.  For tips and tricks please read “Taking Paw and Nose Print Photos” on the blog.

Do I have to use my pet’s actual paw/nose?

You have the option to choose the stock nose prints shown in the sample photos (specify pet species; cat, dog, etc).

Will I have a chance to review the artwork?

Yes, you will receive a digital proof by email to review before production.  You will work directly with the artist to create the perfect custom keepsake.

Can you describe the product in detail?

• Use your own pet's paw - made with just a photo
• Customize with a wide selection of colors

- 18x18 inches
- 100% polyester (moisture-wicking fabric with a linen feel)
- Machine washable (hand wash pillow insert)
- Soft and durable

When will I receive my pillow?

If you choose to use your own pet’s print, your first proof will be ready 3-5 days after your fingerprints are received by Flutterbye Prints.  If you select to use the sample print, your proof will be ready 1-2 days after you place your order.

You will be notified when prints are received.  Prints need to be received no later than 14 days (18 days for canvas/frame upgrades) prior to when you need the poster without incurring additional rush fees. Please consider the shipping time for prints if you return them via mail. International delivery times vary, averaging 2-3 weeks; prints are needed 5 weeks prior to event.  Print Kits are not recommended or provided for international orders but can be purchased separately.

After approval it takes about 3-5 days for the product to be printed and shipped. If Flutterbye Prints is unable to reach you concerning your digital proof after four attempts, your order will be shipped without approval of the design.

Shipping times will depend on your location and shipping choice.

What if I want to order another product with my pet’s print?

A one-time fee will apply to custom paw prints; once it has been digitized, it will be on file and you can use it for other keepsake products at no additional cost.

What if I don’t like my keepsake?

Since you’ll be working directly with the artist, you’ll have a chance to make changes and voice your concerns before anything is produced.   If you are not satisfied with the artwork before it is produced, you are welcome to cancel your order for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

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So Unique and Beautiful

I was thrilled that I was able to have a pillow made using my 16-year-old dog's exact paw print. The result is something that I will treasure always. The entire process was so easy and fun, and the customer service is first rate.

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