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Pet Paw Pillow

About This Product

Does your dog dream of a soft pillow of her own? Of course she does! Make an extra special personalize pet gift with a pillow made with her paw print and customized just for her. Spoiled much?! That's what dog moms and dog dads are supposed to do. This cute paw print pillow is one great idea for incorporating your dog in your home or setting up a special dog space of her own.

• Use your own pet's paw - made with just a photo
• Customize with a wide selection of colors
• 18x18 inches
• 100% polyester (moisture-wicking fabric with a linen feel)
• Machine washable (hand wash pillow insert)
• Soft and durable
Using just a photograph, your pet's nose and paw print will be transferred to a digital format by hand to capture as many details as possible.  Choose from a wide selection of colors to customize the design and look of your personalized pet gift. For tips and tricks to getting a good photo of your pet's nose for this personalized pet gift, check out this blog post.

Whatever kind of pet is part of your family, you can preserve their adorable paw print. 

You also have the option to choose the stock nose and paw prints show in the sample photos (specify pet species; cat, dog, etc).  A one-time fee will apply to custom pet prints; once it has been digitized, it will be on file and you can use it for other keepsake products.
Paw prints are enlarged to fit pillow. For actual paw size, please provide the actual measurements of the paw from top to bottom.
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Customer Reviews

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So Unique and Beautiful

I was thrilled that I was able to have a pillow made using my 16-year-old dog's exact paw print. The result is something that I will treasure always. The entire process was so easy and fun, and the customer service is first rate.

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