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What is a Guest Book Alternative?

Posted by Amie Jones on What is a Guest Book Alternative?

You have all the major details of your wedding planned out and ready to go. Wedding invitations - check!  Wedding venue - check! But have you put much thought into the one item from your wedding that you might actually keep and display in your home?  Your wedding guest book!?   So what is a guest book and why do I need one? A guest book is a special memento of your wedding day and everyone who was there to celebrate with you.  While a guest book is not a mandatory item for your wedding, it is a long-standing tradition...

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Cute Ways to Use Paw Prints in Home Decor

Posted by Amie Jones on Cute Ways to Use Paw Prints in Home Decor

I’m sure you’ve heard before that “Some friends leave paw prints on our hearts,” and that is what Flutterbye Prints wants to celebrate.  Something unique and cute that belongs just to your cat or dog family member. But what to do with those cute paw prints?  Incorporate them into your home decor with paw print wall art or paw print pillows!  You can even go the extra mile and combine a paw print and nose print in one art piece.

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Working with Flutterbye Prints to Create Personalized Artwork

Posted by Amie Jones on Fingerprint Guest Book Alternative Personalized Wedding Sign Customized with Names and Colors

When shopping for your wedding or home, you want something that represents you, something personalized and unique.  Personalized artwork is different than shopping online for something that is ready to ship out.  The process takes a little longer and you and I work together through the different phases of the design.  It's a collaborative process where you provide things that are meaningful to you, such as your fingerprints, color choices, silhouettes and custom text, and I put it all together in a keepsake you can use in your home or wedding.

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