Celebrating National
Dog Dad Day
National Dog Dad Day is nearly upon us, and it’s a great way to celebrate your relationship with your four-legged friend. Keep reading to discover what National Dog Dad Day is and the best dog dad gift options to celebrate this day.

When is National Dog Dad Day?

National Dog Dad Day takes place on June 19th each year and celebrates the bond between dads and their dogs. If you’ve never heard of National Dog Dad Day before, it’s quite a new celebration, which was created back in June 2021 by Ashley Bercaw. We know that dog moms are celebrated much more often, so this day celebrates the lesser recognized parents of our furry friends.

This day is especially important for dads who don’t have human children, as we know their relationship with their dog is one of the most important in their lives. They usually treat them just like they would human kids, which is why a dog dad gift is such a great way to celebrate this day. Dog dads are those who truly treasure their relationship with their pet, spending as much time as possible with their dog and building a bond that will last a lifetime.

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Dog Dad Day

As a dog dad or friend of one, you might be wondering how you could celebrate this special day. The best way to celebrate is with a dog dad gift, which you could gift to your pet and also give to any other dog dads you know. Make sure you celebrate by taking dozens of photos of you and your dog, or take a trip to a special park or outdoor area where you both enjoy spending time. It’s all about putting aside a few hours of extra time to celebrate your bond on this day, which will give both you and your pet so much pleasure.
man looks eye to eye with dog while crouching on the floor

Dog Dad Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a gift for a dog dad you know and love, consider a personalized item that has a picture of them and their dog. This could include a mug, t-shirt, mouse mat, or any other item which will come in handy every day for them. And there's of course Flutterbye Prints' custom paw and nose print keepsakes - perfect for any Dog Dad!

Of course, you mustn’t forget gifts for your dog on this day, which could include treats, a new dog bowl, or toys. You don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate your love for one another, as your time together is the most important thing on this day.

National Dog Dad Day is another way to celebrate your special relationship with your pet, and there are many fun ways you could celebrate this day. By finding the perfect dog dad gift for your pet or friends, you can put a smile on anyone’s face this June during this fun celebration. The memories that you create on this day can be carried forward for the rest of the year, helping to create a stronger bond between you and your pet that will last forever.
dog with dog dad in desert posing for photo

Cat dads, too!

Now, I know that this is all about Dog Dads but I want to give a shout out to the Cat Dads too.  They really don't get enough credit and attention as the Dog Dads.   But, I know that there are many cat dads out there who pamper and care for their kitties just like family. 

So, whether you have a Dog Dad or a Cat Dad in your life, take time to celebrate them along with the many other father's out there!
man with many cats sits on floor in living room

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