New Cuddly Keepsake for the Devoted Pet Owner

The newest offering to celebrate your pet
Does thinking about your beloved pet give you a cozy and warm feeling? I get it - that deep bond you share with your furry friend is so precious. And I have the perfect way to capture and commemorate those happy memories. Presenting the Pet Paw & Nose Print Throw Pillow - a soft and cuddly keepsake infused with the very essence of your cherished pet's paws and nose.
custom pet paw and nose print throw pillow in midnight blue


This bespoke 20x12 inch pillow is more than just a decorative piece; it's a symbol of the love and companionship that your pet has brought into your life. Designed to seamlessly blend into the fabric of your home, this pillow can grace the luxurious bed of a pampered pet or become a cherished fixture in a dog mom's favorite chair.
woman and dog on couch next to personalized paw and nose print keepsake pillow


You can effortlessly capture your pet's unique prints onto this exquisite memento. Say goodbye to messy paw and nose print kits - simply upload a photo of your pet's paw and nose, and I'll work my magic. I promise to take painstaking care to ensure impeccable clarity and precision, showcasing the distinctive contours and color patterns of your pet's prints.

And this pillow can be created from existing clay or ink prints that you've captured in a photo. This means you can immortalize a pet's unique prints, even if you haven't previously preserved them and they are no longer with you.

Rest assured that every detail will be handled with the utmost care. Stray fur will be erased, dust banished, and any imperfections polished away, resulting in a pristine and distinct print that captures your pet's essence flawlessly. I even provide a pre-production preview, giving you the opportunity to review and approve the design for complete accuracy.

Flutterbye Prints' Pet Paw & Nose Print Throw Pillow offers not only sentimental value but also exceptional quality. Crafted with top-notch materials, including 100% polyester fabric with a linen feel, this pillow is built to last. You can enjoy its comforting embrace for years to come, even with regular use.
tan pillow with custom dog paw print and dog nose print

create a memory you can hug

Indulge in the joy of snuggling up to a pillow that holds a piece of your beloved pet. The Pet Paw & Nose Print Throw Pillow is the perfect way to honor and cherish the enduring love and devotion your pet has given throughout the years. It's time to transform your cherished memories into a cozy keepsake that warms your heart every time you see it.
cat paw and nose print pillow in different colors of blue and green

Order your Pet Paw & Nose Print Throw Pillow today and experience the comfort,
beauty, and heartfelt connection it brings.

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custom pet paw with nose print 20 by 12 inch throw pillow
$ 85.00

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