What is a Guest Book Alternative?

What is a Guest Book Alternative?

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You have all the major details of your wedding planned out and ready to go. Wedding invitations - check!  Wedding venue - check! But have you put much thought into the one item from your wedding that you might actually keep and display in your home?  Your wedding guest book!?  

So what is a guest book and why do I need one?

A guest book is a special memento of your wedding day and everyone who was there to celebrate with you.  While a guest book is not a mandatory item for your wedding, it is a long-standing tradition that you should include. It’s a great interactive way for guests to be included in your wedding and so that you can look back and read their notes to you later.

Martha Stewart weddings has a great little blog post about guest books and how to display them, you can read it here.

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Changing guest book traditions

Gone are the days that a wedding guest book has to be an actual book! Once upon a time, wedding guests signed a book to serve as witnesses that a wedding covenant was made. And more recently couples have used guests books as a way to track sending out thank you notes. While classic guest books are lovely and can make a beautiful addition to decor on your coffee table, books are no longer the only way to have your guests offer their warm wishes and advice.

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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

If you choose a guest book alternative, like a framed print or gallery wrapped canvas, you have the option to hang it in your home.  Traditional books are easy to tuck away and forget about, but signs and prints can be hung on the wall to see daily.

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Alexandra, now married for a few years, said “I've become more and more fond of it. It hangs in our dining room. When people come over they often give it a once-over, looking for either their own names or the names of people they might know.”  The idea that your friends and family can also reminisce on your wedding day is so touching!

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Finding your Perfect Guest Book Alternative

There are so many amazing ideas out there for a guest book alternative.  Check out these fresh guest book ideas on Brides.com. No matter what you choose for your wedding day celebration, make it personalized to you as a couple and to your wedding style.  A custom and unique wedding guest “book” will be a creative addition to your wedding and a fun memento in your home after the big day.  

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