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Pet Paw and Nose Print Gift

A pet you truly bond with is called your Heart Dog or Heart Cat and they give you the priceless gift of unconditional love.

Now you can save your pet's paw and nose prints together in one special keepsake. Create a gift that not only captures a detailed and accurate impression of your pet’s prints, but also captures their personality with a wide range of colors to choose from to make the prints extra personalized. Is your dog a bright and vibrant canine? And your cat a mellow and soothing feline? Design your pet memento to fit them perfectly.

Both the nose and paw will be converted into art from photos you submit. Using a photo also gives you the opportunity to make a memorial keepsake for a pet you’ve already lost. Photos of clay impressions and prints taken with ink kits can be used for creating your remembrance art.

  • Get your pet's paw and nose prints on one keepsake
  • Mess-free and easy for pets and pet owners
  • Preview keepsake and make any needed changes before printing to get it just right
  • You can make this for a pet who has already passed away



Effortlessly upload paw & nose photos from phone or computer
Review free digital proof to ensure everything looks perfect
Embrace the joy of your keepsake with your pet's precious prints frozen in time
$ 55.00

  • Free shipping over $90

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Digital Proof

  • Heirloom Quality
EASY & 100% Mess-free
You only need a photo!
Capture unique marks
and details
Work one-on-one with designer
Archive-quality inks & materials

Creating Your Keepsake

  1.  Build your order – personalize now or later
    If you choose later, you'll receive a link in your order confirmation to a personalization form to complete. You can also find it here: Pet Print Keepsake Personalization Form

  2.  Submit Photos
         • Upload photos of your pet’s paw and nose
            when you order OR
         • Email photos to:
         • Upload with your personalization form

  3.  Finalize
    Review digital proof and request changes or approve for production.

Questions About paw & NOSE Prints

How do I get my pet's paw & nose print (take photos)?
Getting a good photo is crucial to achieving a high quality keepsake.

Please follow these guidelines and submit your prints promptly for a quicker turnaround time.  While it is possible to capture a pet’s print using ink or paint, it can be very messy!  Flutterbye Prints recommends that you take a photo of your pet’s paw/nose rather than try to capture the print on paper. 

  • Check your camera to ensure that it is set at a high-quality mode(1080p or higher).
  • Locate your pet in a well-lit area; outside in daylight is a great choice.
  • Try to avoid heavy shadows over the paw/nose. Check that your head, camera or hand are not casting dark shadows. Paws are also best captured if the fur between the paws is trimmed short.
  • Hold your camera steady so that the camera is in focus. It may be easiest to have someone helping you.
  • Take several pictures to ensure you have some that are in focus.  A recommended distance from the paw to your camera is about 8-10 inches.
  • If you have multiple pets, please indicate which photo belongs to which pet.

Inkless Print Kits available at Flutterbye Prints are NOT recommended for use with pet paws/noses; they do not create clear prints in most cases.

If you prefer to try capturing your pet’s prints on paper, please refer to Using Your Own Ink and Paper.

What if my pet has passed away and I can’t take a photo of the paw and nose?

Sadly, our furry family members aren’t able to stay with us forever.  If you have a clay imprint of your pet’s paw or nose you can take a photo of the imprint.  Be sure that you take the photo in a well-lit area. Or you can also use the paw & nose prints show in the sample product photos.

You can submit a photo of your pet from the past, where you can clearly see the nose.  If you are not sure if it will work, please send it to info@flutterbyeprints.com and the artist will review it and get back to you.

Do I need to use ink to take my pet’s print?

No, Flutterbye Prints recommends that you take a photo of your pet’s nose rather than try to capture the print on paper.  For tips andtricks please read “Taking Paw and Nose Print Photos” on the blog.

You can also use a photo or scan of an ink/paint print you already have.
How many photos should I send?
If possible, submit multiple photos for the designer to get a more accurate shape and to choose the best photo.

Do I have to use my pet’s actual paw & nose?

No, if you would like or need to use the paw & nose print shown in the sample photos please reach out to info@flutterbyeprints.com.
Can you do other animals besides cats & dogs?
Please reach out to info@flutterbyeprints.com to see if it will be possible.  Flutterbye Prints has so far created prints for horses, cats and dogs.
I have a photo, can you tell me if it will work for this?
You can submit your order with the photo you have, and if there are any problems the designer will reach out when work is started.  Or please reach out to info@flutterbyeprints.com to have your photo checked.  
Product Details & Turnaround Time

Will I have a chance to review the artwork?

Yes, you will receive a free digital proof by email to review before production.  You will work directly with the artist to create the perfect custom keepsake.

Can you describe the product in detail?

Keepsakes are printed on thick, archival quality matte paper with fade-resistant ink.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas - Acid-free, fade-resistant coated canvas stretched around 1.5” thick wooden frame.  Mounting brackets included.
Framed Print - Black alder lightweight wood frame from renewable forests, acrylite front protector (not glass); Removable backing; 24x36 size not available in some countries

When will I receive my artwork?

• Proof ready 3-5 business days after photo received

• After approval of digital proof: 3-5 days production time. IfFlutterbye Prints is unable to reach you concerning your digital proofafter 4 attempts, your order will be shipped without approval of thedesign.

Shipping times will depend on your location and shipping speed choice.

Order Questions

How do I send customization details/photos later?

If you choose later, you'll receive a link to a personalization form
to complete in your order confirmation email. You can also find the form here: Pet Print Keepsake Personalization Form

Please keep in mind that your order cannot be completed without your personalization details.

What if I don’t like my keepsake?

Since you’ll be working directly with the artist, you’ll have a chance to make changes and voice your concerns before anything is produced.   If you are not 100% satisfied with the artwork before it is produced, you are welcome to cancel your order for a full refund.

Can I order another product with my pet’s print?

Once your pet's print has been digitized, it will be on file and you canuse it for other keepsake products at no additional cost. Reach out to info@flutterbyeprints.com before ordering to find out how how to use your pet's print again.
To get started you just need a clear photo of your pet's paw and nose.
Life is better with a pet
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Pet Paw and Nose Print Gift
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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Kristin L.

When I found out that my little best friend has lymphoma, I jumped on to order a print right away. It’s high quality, looks great and matches his little paw print and nose perfectly. It will be the perfect way to remember him when the terrible day comes and he has to leave me. Corresponding with Amie was easy and she was very quick and responsive to messages. I will be ordering one for my other cat soon. Thanks, Amie!
[review imported from Etsy]


[review imported from Etsy]

Cherished Keepsake

Amie did an excellent job capturing my pup’s nose and paw print. The amount of detail that she puts into her work should not be overlooked, and she was obliging to include a few very specific custom requests that I made. I highly recommend Flutterbye prints.


It was exactly as shown and I love having such a personal keepsake of my sweet dog [review imported from Etsy]


[review imported from Etsy]


I absolutely love this. My girl will forever be remembered and this is one way to honor and cherish her eternal wet nose and paw prints. [review imported from Etsy]


I’m so happy with my results!! The seller /creator did a fantastic job! She was quick to answer any question or concern I had. This is going to look great in my dog’s shadow box which I will update a picture of when it comes in. She has definitely made the passing of our beloved family dog easier. [review imported from Etsy]

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Pet Paw and Nose Print Gift
The best prints are made from photos that are in focus. 
Try to take photo in well-lit area, and focus the camera on the nose. 




Print sizes cannot be determined from a photo alone. 
If you do not wish to, or cannot measure your pet's nose or paw,
choose from the sizes "Small, Medium or Large." 

The images below show size comparison for reference; or choose the print size based on the size of your pet.
Material Options & Details
All options are printed with archival inks
on High-quality Materials
Matte paper print
This is the default option.  Museum-quality prints made on thick and durable matte paper.  Giclée-printed on archival, acid-free paper.
*upgrades require extra production time
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Acid-free, fade-resistant coated canvas stretched around 1.5" thick wooden frame.  Mounting brackets included.
Framed Print
Alder light-weight wood frame from renewable forests. Clear view acrylite front protector (not glass). Removable backing; hanging hardware included.