Meet Amie

Hi! I’m Amie Jones, owner and designer of Flutterbye Prints.  Flutterbye Prints is a small ‘boutique’ business located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  When working with a small business like mine, every order is handled with care and attention to detail.  I work directly with every order and am committed to providing the best service and quality that I can deliver.  You can trust that I’ll be here for your questions or concerns because I truly value each and every customer.

And since you are here on my site, we must already have something in common!  If you are like me, you like to express your own style and personalize your home.  You know that the things we surround ourselves with reflect who we are and you want each piece to say something about you.  Whether that’s using your own fingerprints to make original artwork, showing off your favorite color, or seeing your name framed and on the wall, you fill a space with your unique personality.