The loop is the most common fingerprint pattern all over the world.

To see if you have an unusual or rare fingerprint, check which finger it is found on.
For example, a radial loop is common on the index finger, but extremely rare on the little finger.  Check out the order below from most common to least.


Ulnar Loop = a loop that comes from the pinky side of the hand
.  So common, it is quite rare NOT to have one!

Whorl = a spiral pattern
. Very common, especially on the thumb, index and ring fingers

Radial Loop = a loop that comes from the thumb side of the hand
. Commonly found on index finger, uncommon on middle finger, rare on other fingers


(less than 1 in 20 people)

Arch = most simple fingerprint, no loop patterns
.  Uncommon pattern on all finger; rare on little finger

Double Loop = two loops going in two directions, but is actually a type of whorl
.  Uncommon pattern on all fingers except thumb; rare on ring and little fingers

Peacock's Eye = a tiny whorl inside a loop
.  Uncommon pattern on: all fingers, most common on ring finger, rare on thumb.


(less than 1 in 100 people)
Tented Arch = arch pattern but horizontal ridges rising up high in the middle, creating a tent-like pattern. Note: the tented arch is often confused with a loop that looks like a tented arch. Look for any signs of a loop to check if it is a 'real' tented arch.
Rare on all fingers, extremely rare on thumb and little finger

Accidental = anything else, such as horizontal rather than vertical loops
.  Rare on index finger, extremely rare on all other fingers.