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A warm and wet nose nuzzle to wake you up every morning is how your pet shows love!  Honor that sign of affection by preserving your pet's nose print in a keepsake art piece.  Every pet has a unique nose print, just like our fingerprints! And every pet is a unique animal that becomes part of your family and leaves a print on your heart.
• Use your own pet's nose made with just a photo
• Customize with a wide selection of colors
• Made with archival inks and quality materials
Using just a photograph, your pet's nose print will be transferred to a digital format by hand to capture as many details as possible.  Choose from a wide selection of colors to customize the design and look of your personalized pet gift. For tips and tricks to getting a good photo of your pet's nose for this personalized pet gift, check out this blog post.
Whatever kind of pet is part of your family, you can preserve their adorable nose print to always remember their love.  Each carefully crafted piece is made with archival inks and quality materials.
You also have the option to choose the stock nose prints show in the sample photos (specify pet species; cat, dog, etc).  A one-time fee will apply to custom pet nose prints; once it has been digitized, it will be on file and you can use it for other keepsake products.

For artwork where the nose print is actual size (not enlarged for artistic effect), please purchase the 8x10 or 11x14 and provide the actual measurements of the nose.
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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Gift

My dog passed away shortly after I received my nose print. It's the perfect way to honor her memory and something we'll always cherish. The quality of the print was excellent.

A great memory!

Thank you! My dog recently passed away and this is a great way to remember him. Excellent quality as always!

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