Best Gifts for
Every Kind of Pet Owner
It’s that time of the year again, when people are scrambling to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.  Most of us have a pet owner on our list, but what to give them for the holidays?

I've compiled a list of gifts from Flutterbye Prints to fit every kind of pet owner. Whether they have a cat or a dog, they will be touched to receive any one of these very personal gifts!
Let's find the perfect gift for the pet owner in your life!


man looks eye to eye with dog while crouching on the floor
You probably have someone in your life who just can't get enough pets - or maybe that's you!  They're the owners who have a whole pack of pups, or kitties or a mix of both.  And I'm not even counting people with farms and all sorts of different animals to care for.
That's why the Multiple Paw Prints or Multiple Nose Prints gifts are so perfect.  Of course the pet obsessed want all of their precious furballs to have a special spot just for them.  And, because the keepsakes are made using photos of the pets' paws and noses, you don't have to imagine the mess and stress of doing all of those prints with ink or clay. 

Pro tip: You might even be able to create the gift in secret if you can swipe good photos from their social media pics.  You know...the pet photo blasts they can't seem to stop posting.


man looks eye to eye with dog while crouching on the floor
My childhood pet, Sinbad, and also my BFF for 15 years :)
We know that our pets won't be with us forever.  And we know that we will miss them greatly!  But we still bring them into our lives to love them for the all the time that we can get.

Even knowing that someday we'll have to say goodbye, we don't always have the time or don't feel the urgent need to preserve our pet's prints while they are still with us.  One of the great benefits of using photos to create the pet print keepsakes, is that I can capture prints of pets that have already passed. A gift of comfort to those who are now or who have struggled through pet loss.
$ 45.00
The best option for this type of gift is the Pet Nose Print Keepsake.  Most owners have a photo or two that clearly show their pet's nose.  It's true that some of the details will be lost with older or lower-quality photos.  But, most of the print can still be captured and every effort made to get the best print possible. 

Just imagine your family's faces when they open a gorgeous print of the family dog that you all cherished and grew up with.  A heartwarming gift indeed.

Minimalist Pet owner

It's a bit shocking, but true, that not everyone wants to hang a lot of art or display keepsakes in their homes.  But it is also true that even minimalist pet owners want to preserve their pet's prints.
Gifting these pet owners a digital file is the perfect solution.  They can have their pet's paw or nose print to cherish without changing with their home decor style.  And, if they do decide to display it later on - they can print it out when the time is right and they've found the perfect spot.  


dog with dog dad in desert posing for photo
Despite our best intentions, sometimes we just don't get the gift exactly right.  I know that's true for some gifts I've received.  And while it is the thought that counts the most, if your gift recipient is the 'get-it-just-right' type, they will find it even more thoughtful that you know them that well.
A gift certificate from Flutterbye Prints will let you give a gift that shows you know how important their pet is to them.  And, with the gift certificate option they will work one-on-one with the designer to create their perfect paw or nose print keepsake.  They can choose the color of the print and make sure that it looks accurate when they review the digital proof.

more great ideas

Of course there's more to a pet parent's life than creating keepsakes of their furbaby if you can believe it.  Here's a great round up from Modern Dog Magazine with more great gift ideas for pet's and their owners (including one from Flutterbye Prints).

Happy Holiday Gifting!!
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