Cute Ways to Use Paw Prints in Home Decor

Cute Ways to Use Paw Prints in Home Decor


Obsessed Pet Parents

So, you’re obsessed with your pet? Then you are in good and plentiful company!  Pampering your pet and surrounding yourself with reminders of your pet are pretty much requirements for any good pet parent.  Keep reading for some great ideas and inspo to personalize your dog room decor using their own paw prints and nose prints.

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Paw Prints

I’m sure you’ve heard before that “Some friends leave paw prints on our hearts,” and that is what Flutterbye Prints wants to celebrate.  Something unique and cute that belongs just to your cat or dog family member. But what to do with those cute paw prints?  Incorporate them into your home decor with paw print wall art or paw print pillows!  You can even go the extra mile and combine a paw print and nose print in one art piece.

cat paw print in pink 

Ideas for Paw Print Decor

If you prefer modern and minimal decor, you can create this lovely dog paw print art piece for your wall.  With Flutterbye Prints, you can use your own dog’s paw print.  And, with the ability to select your paw print color choice, you can match your room’s decor. Check out this cute wall display by Gal’s Best Friend, for her three adorable pups.   So much cuteness and it fits in perfectly!  I love how each of her dogs have their own space on this wall for the paws.

Or your cat’s paw print can customize a comfy pillow to add the cutest little touch.  Create a pampered corner for your kitten with a personalized paw print pillow ready for a long afternoon nap in the sun.   Or add this personalized dog paw print pillow to your dog’s bed for the ultimate spoiled pup. They'll love having a soft and cozy pillow made with their own paw! Have you seen some of the pampered pet spaces that are out there?  You can really go crazy with personalizing your pet's space and using their paw print is a fun way to do that.  

three dog paw prints in white frame

If you have a big pet family, you can even have all of their paw prints on one art print.  What a great way to celebrate your furry pack!  Simply Add On an Extra Print to your main design for multiple paw prints.


cat laying on personalized cat paw pillow

True dog moms and cat lovers will love creating a special area just for their fur-babies.  Mix and match photos of your pet with a framed paw print to make a personalized gallery wall above their eating space or leash hanger.  I’m loving all the inspiration for incorporating your pet in your home decor over at Hey, Djangles.  Looks like I need to step it up for my two dogs and kitty!


Don’t Forget the Pet Nose Prints


A warm and wet nose nuzzle to wake you up every morning is how your pet shows love!  Honor that sign of affection by preserving your pet's nose print in a keepsake art piece.  A perfect memorial to your pet’s love and with the ability to customize the color, it can fit anywhere in your home decor.  Plus, it's pretty easy to snap a photo of your pet's nose, especially if you have a special treat ready. 



Can't decide between the nose and the paw?  You certainly don't have to!  Have a custom print made with both your pet's nose and your pet's paw!


dog nose close up polaroid photo


Don’t worry about fussing with trying to get your pet’s nose print or paw print with messy ink – you only need a photo for this special keepsake.  So bust out the treats and tell your pet to say cheese!  And then give your pet an extra special snuggle.

we don't deserve dogs and cats letter board

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