Paw & Nose Prints for ALL Pets - Not Just Cats & Dogs!

Owners of all types of pets can make a special keepsake
While it is true that ownership of cats and dogs accounts for 64% of pet owners in the U.S. and roughly 73% in Canada - I know there are a lot of you out there with other furry, scaly, and feather family members.  And I want to show you some of the different pet species for whom I've had the privilege of creating a keepsake. 
cat nose print, horse nose print and dog nose print with names underneath in one keepsake art print
Photos of a cat, horse and a dog's noses


John reached out to me to see if I could do a special piece for his three animal family members.  What a lovely group of fuzzy faces!  Because I had not previously done a horse nose print and so did not have a sample to show, I let John know I would give it a try and let him decide after he saw the preview if he wanted to continue with the keepsake.

Both of us were happy with the result and this nose print keepsake is extra special - a cat, a horse and a dog ❤️ (Sounds like the start of a heartwarming movie!)

If you're in the market for a nose print keepsake for multiple pets - click here.
Photo of a black and white pet rabbit wearing a Santa hat next to a nose print of the rabbit

Bunny Nose

Too darn cute!  Look at Spuzzy in holiday attire!  More importantly, take a look at this bunny's nose print.  The tricky part of getting a print for different types of pets, is that some animals don't have edges that are as defined and trying to capture just the actual nose looks strange.

So, for Spuzzy I tried to capture the essence of a rabbit's nose - the part that makes it look so cute and boopable.  What do you think?  Did I get it right?

You can find single pet nose prints here: Pet Nose Print

red parrot on person's shoulder
parrot feet prints created from photo

The prints above are from two different birds.

Parrot Footprint

Now - the mammals can't have all the fun!  Did you know that parrots can live for 10 to 50 years depending on the type!?

Lynsie clearly has developed a strong bond with her two parrots, as you would expect with a pet that could potentially be with you for a majority of your life, and she was looking for a digital copy of her parrots' feet to use for a tattoo.  After she found Flutterbye Prints, she emailed to see if it was possible.

Once again, since I had not previously done bird prints, I did a sample print for her to decide if she wanted to purchase the digital file. She was thrilled with the result and I hope she shares a photo of her tattoo!

Are you looking for a digital file for multiple pet foot/paw prints? Click here.
dog paw print next to human baby footprints

Dog paw & Baby Feet

This is a design that I have been wanting to offer for a while now.  I still haven't found the best method for capturing human feet prints from a photo. These baby footprints were created from hospital ink prints. 

Is this a design that you would be interested in?  I'd love to know - I'm sure it will motivate me to come up with a way that works.  Where there's a will, there's a way!

Email me at and let me know if I should get to work!

All pets are welcome here!

We have our fair share of animals at this house - the current status is two dogs and two cats.  Sadly, we recently said goodbye to our pet rat, Vulture, and we had bid adieu to his brother, Eagle, last year.  I have photos of their paws, so expect to see an example of a rat paw too! 

What kinds of pets do you have?  Get in touch and I'll see if I can create a good print that is worth making into a keepsake!

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