Vote in the Pup Playoffs!

And get a special reward from Flutterbye Prints
I'm very happy to be a sponsor for this fundraiser organized by two Utah pet photographers! Fuzzy Love Photography and Take a Hike Photography are teaming up for the second year to host the Pup Playoffs - a March Madness type bracket playoff.
two cats sitting next to frame cat nose print keepsake


Dogowners will give a $99 donation for a photo session. 100% of thedonation will be given to Humane Society of Utah and Fetch Cares- and bonus - it's just fun to look at cute dogs 😄

Peoplelike you will then vote for their favorite photo from each session.

Thepup who moves up the ranks with the most votes will be crowned theUlti-Mutt winner and receive a gift basket with prizes from localbusinesses (Flutterbye Prints included!)

Start voting for your favorites!
I'm especially glad to be supporting the Humane Society of Utah.  This year my daughter and I began volunteering there.  We go twice a month to Kitty City to help keep the adoptable cats comfortable and answer questions from potential owners.

During the summer we're hoping to get trained and start volunteering with the small animals that are shown in educational activities. 
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Flutterbye Prints official sponsor say is April 12th.  I'm asking you to come and vote and support my small business as well!

The contest will conclude on Friday April 21, 2023 & the Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Monday April 24, 2023.

Introducing our newest family member!

Allow me to introduce Mitsky. It was our first day of volunteering in Kitty City and she just captured our hearts.  We're still working on getting her comfortable with the other pets, but she is doing pretty alright.  She's got a whole bedroom and bathroom all to herself! 

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