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Free Gift - Digital Copy of Pet Print Keepsake
Free Gift - Digital Copy of Pet Print Keepsake

I'm so excited to offer you this special gift!

The value of your gift actually varies, but it's hard to get all the code to line up and do it's magic.  Just know that the digital files range between $37-$53 and up!

This gift is free with the purchase of a printed keepsake.  You will need to have a printed keepsake in your cart along with this free gift offer.  The free digital file will correspond with the printed keepsake you purchase.


Are you creating a keepsake for a beloved family pet? 
Print multiple copies you can share.  

Have you been considering a pet paw or nose tattoo?  
You can use your digital file for artwork.

Or maybe you just want to always have your pet’s print preserved in the cloud.  
We can never be sure what will happen to our most treasured possessions, but once it’s securely saved you’ll always have a copy!

You will receive your files in print-ready quality. There are two file types provided - .jpg and .pdf

Unfortunately,colors cannot be guaranteed due to different printing setups and equipment.  But, you should be able to get it very close! 

*Free with purchase of printed keepsake

The free gift should already be automatically loaded to your cart.  But Just in's the button to add it.  Please remember to also add the printed pet print keepsake to your cart.

$ 37.00