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Inkless Print Kit

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The inkless fingerprint taking kit is meant to accompany the custom fingerprint/footprint posters. 
This special system will help you achieve clear and defined prints. (Not required, but highly recommended)  The kit is very easy to use and completely mess-free! Only one kit is needed per couple. 


The Print Kit includes: 1 inkless wipe, 2 sheets of 5.5"x4.25" special reactive paper, instruction pamphlet, information/choice card, and a prepaid envelope (for U.S. mail).

You can view a video about using the kit here: How Does It Work?



In order to receive an actual poster using the prints taken with the Print Kit, YOU MUST ALSO PURCHASE THE POSTER. This kit is meant to be combined with the purchase of a poster or gift certificate to help you achieve good prints and/or provide an easy way for a gift recipient to complete their gift.

*If you are long-distance, the wipe will not dry out if you mail it to your partner.  Repackage to mail and avoid contact with the reactive paper.

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