Collection: Your Own Prints

Fingerprints, Pet Paw Prints, Baby Footprints

Flutterbye Prints offers a unique collection of art pieces and keepsakes that are made extra special by using your actual fingerprints, dog paw prints, cat paw prints, newborn baby footprints.  A special way to preserve the most personal touches in your life.

Fingerprint Guest Book Alternatives and Fingerprint Memorial Artwork

Our fingerprints are one of the things about us that are unique just to us and no one else in the world has the same fingerprints as you.  Have you ever looked at your thumbprint lines closely? 

Each of the lines on your thumbprints form a pattern than is only yours.  There are many parts of your fingerprints that are special which is why using a fingerprint to create fingerprint memorial artwork makes it a very personalized gift and memento.

Fingerprint guest book alternatives have become popular in recent years, most of the time they capture the guests fingerprints.  But you can have a guest book alternative made with your own fingerprints as the featured artwork.  Many couples have had one of Flutterbye Prints' fingerprint guests books at their wedding and received many compliments about how unique their keepsake is.

Pet Paw Prints - Dog Paw Prints & Cat Paw Prints

So you have a pet that you adore?!  Use your pet's own paw print to created a super personalized pet gift.  You can use dog paw prints, cat paw prints, bunny paw prints, and so many more. 

You'll be able to customize your pet's personalized gift just how you like it with a wide selection of colors and materials.  Personalized pet paw print pillows will give your pet a comfy place to nap.  Or decorate your home with a personalized pet gift paw print art piece.

And, even if your pet has passed, you only need a photo to have the personalized pet gift made.  You might not have a photo of you dog or cat's paw print, so you can use a photo of your dog or cat's nose and have a custom pet nose print gift made. 

Newborn Baby Footprints

What is more special than tiny newborn baby footprints?  It's hard to say.  But you'll want to preserve these precious little prints with custom baby footprint artwork for your baby's nursery room decor.  Use your baby's hospital footprints to have a custom baby footprint birth stats print made that you can hang in the nursery. 

You can choose from several baby footprint art designs and select the colors to match your baby's nursery decor perfectly. Create your baby footprint keepsake today to cherish forever.